An Introduction to Artist Sotiris Therianos

Who is Sotiris Therianos?

A letter by Theodoros Stamos

“Life and death are constant, the two most extraordinary things we are certain of. Within those two forces are human things at work on various projects to prolong life and out of them death. …

What is Conceptual Art?

Conceptual art can be hard to understand in comparison to other art movements, it has a rich history spanning over six decades, and is still a strong force, continuing to emerge refreshed and adapted for the times.

Conceptual art is an ideas (concept) approach to making art that emerged in…


Strands of spiders webs

Tickle my face

As I march

Up the path.


Intricate weavings

Hang from plants





Bread, beer

What am

I doing here,







Thick air,

Acorns falling.

I slip down the hill

This morning

and laugh.


It’s beautiful here,

Why do I feel



Mountain view

A dog

The sound of the road below,

And memories of

Bleached dried figs

Tasting sour.


Back up the hill

I’ll go tomorrow.


Isabella Rose Nelson

British Artist looking at decay, transformation, and collective memory through symbolism, craft, and reclaimed materials.

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